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The El Comercio newspaper renews its platform with a solution designed to provide better customer care and improve their IT management

Client: The El Comercio newspaper Solution: Hardware. Virtualización y consolidación de servidores. Almacenamiento y respaldo


In 2005 the El Comercio newspaper renewed its technology platform, with the aims of achieving greater efficiencies and providing a better response to their readers. They conducted a private selection process from amongst the leading technology providers in Peru, including SONDA.

This change was imperative, as the newspaper’s business applications included a database for sales and customer services, invoicing, circulation, customer services, subscriptions and advertising sales.

Client Profile

The El Comercio newspaper belongs to the El Comercio Group, which is one of the oldest press groups in Latin America. It boasts a daily circulation of 120,000 copies and 200,000 on Sundays, so is one of the most influential communication platforms in Peru.


Business Need

The challenge to change

The technological platform running the main front end and back-office processes at the newspaper had become obsolete and was operating at the limit of its recommended load, causing a detrimental impact on the efficiency, availability and operational continuity of the company’s main applications. These included customer management systems and back office systems, such as treasury, accounting, purchasing, logistics, budgets and expenses.

Their databases were not secure, as they did not have proper execution security. Their financial closure processes were too slow and there was no certainty that each step would be correctly executed, therefore additional manual controls had to be introduced.


New equipment and impressive partners

The company launched a server consolidation project, to respond to these challenges, choosing a solution proposed by SONDA. This solution integrated consulting, training, equipment supply, hardware and software configuration services, and migrating the newspaper’s database. During the database migration we also upgraded to a new version, and managed our customer’s critical information.

The consolidation did not focus on reducing equipment, but aimed at unifying the two major systems critical to operating the newspaper onto a single platform, and Sun Microsystems was the chosen supplier.

Therefore, we were able to consolidate the administration, operation, and support contracts onto a single operating system (Solaris 10), for all our customer’s equipment.


El Comercio now has a complete of IT service solution, with 24×7 support, which optimizes the management and administration of their technological resources and provides flexible upgrading options. Furthermore, their business, administrative, and commercial applications, databases and archives are as responsive and efficient as their business requires.

In summary, the newspaper now enjoys a high availability environment that ensures the operational continuity of their critical applications, with the benefit of economies of scale that have reduced costs. Similarly, our relationship has grown, allowing us to address future business projects, such as advice and best practice to optimize their IT Governance.


  • 24×7 support
  • Energy efficiency