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Compañía de Seguros de Vida Cámara S.A. (Vida Camera) is ready to face contingencies and comply with regulations using a SONDA solution

Client: Compañía de Seguros Vida Cámara S.A. Industry: Banking Solution: With DRaaS, Vida Camera can operate without concerns and comply with the regulations of the market regulator


Vida Camera procured the Contingency Site service, which replicated 6 VM from the parent node at Teatinos to a secondary node at Quilicura. This project was configured with the option of performing an automatic FailOver of the machines only, the Failback was manual and expensively slow, which made it impossible to submit the customer’s DRP evidence during the second half of last year to the market regulator. After several meetings, SONDA took the decision to change the replication tool that was being used at that time, at SONDA’s expense, to one with a better response to the customer’s requirements.

Therefore, the company successfully carried out its first DRP test and sent the required results to the market regulator. The company’s users continued to work in a transparent manner from the site at Quilicura and continued to do so when the VMs were returned to Teatinos. This first successful test of their DRP meant that the company could operate without concerns, knowing that the new tool fully complies with their disaster recovery expectations.

Client Profile

Vida Camera is a life insurance company founded in 2009.

The Chilean Chamber of Construction is the group controller of this company, through Inversiones La Construcción S.A (ILC S.A.).


Business Need

An efficient and tested DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan)

The company was committed to resolve a pending issue in 2015 that arose during an audit by the market regulator. This was to implement a Contingency Site, and submit evidence of successful DRP testing.


DRaaS: an integrated solution to provide a proven and efficient DRP at a reasonable cost

  • The service required replicating 6 VM from the primary node at Teatinos to the secondary node at Quilicura (Contingency Site active-passive solution with replication online). The service also included a connection between the primary and secondary sites, platform operation, administration of an AD, operating system license for the AD in Quilicura, providing replication software, 1 DRP test per year, 1 annual contingency.
  • Service coverage is 24x7x365, and includes attending incidents, availability of computing and storage resources, critical alerts with an RTO of less than 4 hours and an RPO of less than 1 hour.
  • Other services provided: Operating system management, security updates for the operating system, database management, backup and restore.
  • Continuous protection for the replicated servers with a solution that avoided the company having to invest in infrastructure.


The solution fully complied with the requirements of the market regulator, in addition to efficiently protecting the company’s data and business continuity.


Continuous protection for the replicated servers with a solution that avoided the company having to invest in infrastructure.


“SONDA has been our main technology supplier since 1998. Our company was committed to resolve a pending issue with the SVS during 2015: implement a contingency site, and during the second half of the year produce evidence of a successful DRP test, which was fully achieved with the support and commitment of SONDA. Throughout our long-standing relationship, when projects have been in trouble for various reasons or reached an impasse, SONDA has been fully supportive and finally secured a successful outcome, even if this has required providing additional resources at its own expense”.

Alexis Yáñez E. (IT Platform Manager at Vida Camera)

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