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Banco de Chile implements SONDA’s RealAIS Investment Core for their Trading Desk

Client: Banco de Chile Industry: Banking Solution: Banca de inversión y mesa de dinero


SONDA’s Financial Systems Division implanted an investment and trading desk solution at Banco de Chile, with which the bank is achieving greater efficiencies in their processes and a better management of their financial and operational risks.


Client Profile

Banco de Chile stands out as the biggest bank with Chilean capitals and the second largest financial institution in the country.

Banco de Chile is a commercial bank that provides a full array of financial products and services to a wide client base including big corporations, small and mid-sized companies, and people markets, through a national network of almost 400 branches, over 1,500 automatic tellers and other electronic distribution channels. Banco de Chile also has representation offices in Beijing and Mexico City.

Business Need

Trading Desk Automation

The Fixed Income business is very peculiar to each country, and therefore it is difficult for global solutions to satisfy the high demand for functionality of Traders, Controllers and Finance Managers.

For this reason, Banco Chile required a solution already consolidated in the local market to renew the applications for their Trading Desk. This solution had to be complemented with services ensuring operational stability so the bank could concentrate on their business and not on IT contingencies.


RealAIS: a flexible and scalable solution

To respond effectively to the client’s needs, SONDA worked in coordination with the bank in the definition both of the functional requirements as well as the Project requirements, fixing priorities, deliverables, work teams and governance, among other aspects..

In this manner, the RealAIS solution was parameterized so as to be aligned with the requirements of the Trading Desk users, including Implantation, Maintenance and Support (Both Telephonic and on site), Corrective Maintenance, Regulatory and Evolutionary services, among others, aimed at responding to the different business and regulatory scenarios that could come forth in the future.

RealAIS includes the knowledge and experience of over 20 years of development and implantation of money desk and investment managing projects in several countries in the region. It was designed considering its customization under different frameworks, both legal and regulatory, and developed with an architecture aimed at services (SOA), under XML integration standards, and in multiple layers, thus enabling a software platform that is flexible, scalable, and that can be integrated.


A solution capable of supporting growth and responding to normative changes

The solution enables a good “time to market” and is pre-parameterized with the business logics associated with the best market practices, including the norms, regulations and features of the Chilean market. Besides, it has enables the automation of workflows, both in financial control as well as in operational processes.

The SONDA solution enables Banco de Chile to manage, in a single integrated application, the Bank’s whole fixed income portfolio, at the same significantly reducing the daily and monthly processing times, thus generating important savings.

SONDA constantly invests in research and development for this solution, and this allows for its permanent improvement, and keeps it up to date with the market’s technological and regulatory requirements, optimizing processes and adding new functionalities, so that it is a functional tool aligned with the objectives of the business.


  • RealAIS is based in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and includes XML standards.
  • Its parameters can be defined and has ease of integration to information channels and suppliers.
  • A solution based on a modern and updated platform, which protects investment.
  • The solution significantly improves security levels, reducing the risk of information leakage.
  • A greater capacity to follow-up on the requirements of financial institutions, diminishing administration and control efforts.
  • The solution improves the levels of productivity by enabling relevant operational efficiencies.
  • A solution consolidated in the market that considers best trading desk practices.
  • The solution answers efficiently and duly to the different regulatory and business requirements.
  • The solution increases control and operational standards.


“The implantation of SONDA’ Trading Desk solution shall enable our bank to increase the levels of competitiveness, and at the same time to satisfy the different regulatory and business requirements efficiently and duly, also providing an improvement in control and operational standards.”

Mario Farren, Manager for the Corporate and Investment Division at Banco Chile

“During the fist half of 2008, once the operation coming from Citibank was integrated, Banco de Chile was required to strengthen its IT solution for the trading desk to be able to grow both in the amount and in the complexity of their operations. The Bank required a solution already consolidated in the market and implemented by a company that could ensure a completion of the project within the specified deadlines and also post implementation maintenance service and operational continuity consistent with the demands of the market.”

Carlos Osiniri, SONDA’s Financial Systems Division Manager