Pizarreño modernizes operation with Full IT Outsourcing by SONDA


Pizarreño modernizes operation with Full IT Outsourcing by SONDA

Client: Pizarreño Industry: Manufacturing Solution: Full IT Outsourcing



The Integral Outsourcing service SONDA provides to Pizarreño allows this Construction Holding to concentrate its efforts on its core business, delegating to a specialist such as SONDA, all activities related to the operation of the technological infrastructure, thus obtaining greater reliability, security and availability of information.

To achieve these objectives, SONDA has deployed a complete technology solution, including management of central servers and LAN, WAN networks, departmental servers, security, Internet access, email solution, web hosting, and JDE functional help desk for Chile, Peru, Mexico and the US, as well as serving more than 600 PCs at different facilities in Chile, including equipment, software and support through a single point of contact via the end-users help desk service.

Client Profile

Sociedad Industrial Pizarreño, leader in the market for fiber cement coatings and shells, was founded in 1935. Sociedad Industrial Romeral,Vinilit, Etersol, LadrillosPrincesa, Tejas de Chena, Cerámicas Cordillera, Cerámicas San Lorenzo in Argentina, Peru, Mexico and the US, are part of the "Empresas Pizarreño" Holding.

Empresas Pizarreño is a subsidiary of Etex Group, parent company established in Belgium, a major international conglomerate of companies engaged in the manufacture and marketing of building materials which has subsidiaries in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Mexico and the United States.

Business Need

Upgrade their technology and concentrate on business

Circa 2001, Pizarreño decided it was necessary to carry out a profound transformation in both information systems and in the management of hardware, software, and other IT services needed to support the development of business, internationalization and performance of business processes of its holding companies, since the high dependence of IT on a few people and the absence of a centralized IT policy that was also unified, would not help meet the goals of its business development.

This involved developing a complete technology solution, including the transfer of assets, taking control of IT and HR operations, comprehensive infrastructure provision, implementation of a common management model, optimization of applications and associated services.


Durante los últimos años, la solución JDE de Oracle de Pizarreño ha permitido a la compañía redestinar recursos técnicos desde actividades de soporte a actividades de mejora de capacidades en JDE. Además, se ha logrado reducir al mínimo la indisponibilidad de las aplicaciones y las TI.

Durante los primeros 2 años de contrato se realizó de manera exitosa la migración a la versión One World y a un modelo común de procesos de negocio, para aprovechar las sinergias y eliminar la variabilidad de errores en las aplicaciones.


  • Comprehensive Outsourcing for Pizarreño Holding in 5 countries.
  • Greater reliability, security and availability of information.
  • Help desk for JDEdwards.
  • Comprehensive infrastructure provision.
  • Transfer of IT assets to SONDA.
  • Reduced time to market and faster troubleshooting.
  • Provides structured and organized environment.
  • Access to knowledge resources.
  • Ability to liquidate technology investments (cost expenditure).
  • IT provider takes care of the technological problem and technological obsolescence.
  • Generates economies of scale.
  • Transforming of technological areas into levers of growth.


“The Pizarreño Business Group was majorly outdated technologically in their systems, so it sought a technology partner like SONDA”.

Marcelo Fernández, Technology Manager for Empresas Pizarreño