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Growth and internal mobility are fundamental pillars for SONDA, which is why we are constantly empowering our collaborators through various career experiences in which you can develop and grow your professional world.

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Sales and Solutions Architect

If you are one of the people who is known for having a broad knowledge of technology and generating alliances with different customers through the creation of high value solutions, this is the path you are looking for! You will be able to build long-term relationships with important members of the industry and analyze the market in search of potential customers.

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When you are able to identify the client's needs and expectations, delivering technical solutions that improve the competitiveness of their businesses and boost their growth, then you should continue the consulting path. Here, you will be responsible for ensuring the implementation of the solution for the client until it is fully operational.

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In this career experience, your main objective will be to comprehensively manage the client experience, offering exceptional service, monitoring and guaranteeing the good functioning and delivery of the service. In addition, it will be essential to always be available to correct any deviation.

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Software development

If you are passionate about scheduling, creating process-optimizing developments, and are able to ensure excellence services, then this is the path you should take! You can improve client value processes through various methodologies and also generate connections.

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Planning and coordinating people and resources to achieve the desired result is just one of the tasks that you can develop in this experience. If you have a special ability for detecting possible risks, you anticipate contingencies and seek continuous improvement, the project career is the one for you.


If you are a natural leader and seek to motivate your team by creating a climate that encourages them to give their best, then you have found your path! Here you can translate the business's strategy/goal into individual objectives that permits the maximum professional development of our collaborators. In addition, you will be responsible for ensuring the achievement of business results by providing timely feedback and managing the performance of your work team.

Business Support

If you are looking to work in line with your business strategy as an advisor to legal, human, financial and administrative resources, this is the place for you. Your management can make a big difference. The areas included in this sector are: Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Audit, among others.