Banking and Finance

The challenges faced by companies operating in the financial services market include managing financial risk, ensuring all information is constantly up to date, complying with finance industry regulations and ensuring operational continuity for customers.  The aim being to provide customers with security, comfort and benefits through bringing latest technology within their reach.

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SONDA has a team of professionals ready to evaluate and analyze the requirements of financial institutions and businesses. They can successfully manage financial risk and structure information. They can also introduce innovative automation technologies, web sites, information security and product security.

The financial sector is very competitive, and local financial institutions must compete with multinational companies that capitalize on their economies of scale. However, IT solutions can be a differentiating factor, either by lowering costs and reducing risks, or adding value to the commercial area. This can be achieved by increasing income, through improving customer service channels, and providing better services, greater flexibility and a wider range of products.


Since 1974 we have been supportive IT partners to major banks and financial institutions within the region, likewise for pension funds (AFP's), since they began operations in the early 1980's. Our passion has always been to enable our customers to deliver a better service, increase their process efficiency, improve control over their portfolios, improve risk management and add value to their business.

Various regionally important financial institutions are currently SONDA customers, such as Banco de Chile, Citibank-Banamex, HSBC, Banco Itaú, Banco de la Nación, Banco Pichincha, Banorte, Banco BCI, Banco BBVA, Santander AGF, Principal, Rabobank and Scotiabank, and we have implemented projects in Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, China and Nigeria.