Application Management Services

The greatest challenge facing large organizations and their CIO is to secure business effectiveness and productivity while reducing costs. SONDA has the best solution on the market to meet the complex demands arising from AMS, which is application support and maintenance.

The purpose of SONDA’s Application Management Services or AMS is to provide the availability and stability required for your business to achieve its desired efficiency. It also monitors, supports and restores as quickly as possible application services (SAP, JAVA, .NET, MAINFRAME, BI, among others) that are not available to users.

And why SONDA?


SONDA’s main objective to provide high quality services at a more effective productive scale, and ensure satisfactory results, using the DevOps (video link) concept (automation of IT development and operation).


SONDA has over 40 years solid experience in the IT market. We support companies with various solutions and services based on the requirements of each business, and help businesses to organize and evaluate process changes to achieve a satisfactory result.


SONDA’s objectives include securing end-user satisfaction, continuous service improvement using tools and control processes, and providing effective and efficient IT services (quality and productivity).


Digital transformation:
change your business model

SONDA can deliver its solutions as a service, including control and management infrastructure and applications, and can also provide integrated solutions. We focus on providing user focused applications and environmental monitoring and provisioning.


Some solution benefits


IT focused on the core business and on organizational innovation.


Transform the business model to match user experience.


Gain maturity by automating IT processes.


Information security based on established governance.


Good practices implemented and proven across various customer segments: ITIL, COBILT, PMBOK, SCRUM, ISO, among others.


Expertise and agility in implementing and applying good practice at customer’s businesses.



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SONDA’s objective is to TRANSFORM your business into a competitive and efficient model, and resolve complex problems with simple and agile solutions.



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