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More than a brand a promise

The brand is much more than a logo or a visual identity, it is the delivery of a promise and the result of all of our interactions. This is why the change we are making goes beyond a visual change.

Our brand has to help transmit our knowledge, experience, solidity, culture and mainly our ability to offer, efficient, high-quality, unique and innovative solutions that accelerate the digital transformation of our clients.

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With this value proposition, we seek to convey to our clients and stakeholders that at SONDA:

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    1. We understand the business of each of our customers. We adapt to them and deliver tailor-made solutions.

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    2. We lead our clients' transformations, thanks to our ability to project innovation, business understanding, trust, leadership and experience.

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    3. We have an extensive track record that validates us as a solid company.

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    4. We have the capacity to deliver comprehensive solutions, both locally and regionally, addressing challenges with various levels of complexity.

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    5. We have a unique capacity for offering IT solutions, thanks to our regional presence and an adequate organizational structure.

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    6. We are integrators and partners of the main technological references worldwide, which allows us to deliver excellent solutions.

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    7. We deliver an integrated service, which goes beyond the sale of a solution. We accompany our clients and guide them in how to manage solutions, transforming our product into an experience.

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    8. Our ability to innovate allows us to advance and offer services and products capable of making processes more efficient in each industry where we are present.

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    9. We are a global network of professionals who develop competitive solutions for any country in the world, for any market.

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    10. We have a team with extensive experience, with professional and technical skills that make possible the best use of information technologies to integrate, implement, develop, manage, support and operate the diverse range of solutions and services that our clients require.

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