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We are the leading Latin American network of IT services and solutions in the region. Our purposeis to contribute to improve the people´s quality of life, innovating and adding value through technological solutions that improve and transform our customers´ business. Since our inception in 1974, we have sought to be agents of technology transfer for companies and institutions in Latin America, so that the societies in which we operate can reach higher levels of development and progress.

In SONDA we strongly believe that companies, organizations and countries must carry out their ctivities without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same. In this context, we understand our responsibility to generate a positive impact in the society through transformative technological solutions. Based on sustainable means, our transformative solutions allow us to provide better products and services available for everyone, greater efficiency of our productive and governmental processes, better public transport for the people, good education, better citizen security and safety, higher standards of cybersecurity, among others benefits.

Preventing and mitigating the environmental impact is part of our responsibility, so we are concerned in achieving greater energy efficiencies and better use of natural resources, reducing emissions and pollutants from our operations and those of our customers, through greater control and better management. Likewise, we take charge of the management of the technological waste derived from our operation.

We are a company of people, where the development and wellness of our employees is one of the main pillars of SONDA. This is why we are especially interested in generating a motivating, challenging and affectionate place to work that facilitates our people´s professional and personal development inside and outside our facilities.

We promote equal conditions for everyone and the transparency in our professional development processes. Therefore, we do not accept any action guided by prejudices based on ethnic origin, place of birth, religion, political choice, gender or disability, in order to promote professional development free of any type of discrimination.

It is a SONDA’s commitment to act with integrity and transparency respect to all its stakeholders: employees, clients, investors, suppliers, technological partners, authorities and societies. Our principles and practices of corporate governance guide SONDA’s development and business, ensuring the creation of sustainable value of the company. Furthermore, our Board of Directors is responsible for an adequate identification and management of the risks that we are exposed, including those in sustainability aspects, establishing controls and responsibilities to prevent and mitigate them 1.

In SONDA, reaching our goals is equally important as the way that we meet them. Therefore, we operate with strict ethical standards and we are loyal to our values, always trying to fulfill our commitments. We have a Code of Ethics and Conduct, a Crime Prevention, Corruption and Bribery Manual, and a Compliance System. In addition, we have adhered to several international certifications 2 , along with developing processes that enable us to ensure the integrity and quality of our services.

Our values ​​and principles have been the foundation for building a sustainable business, capable of generating value to the different stakeholders, taking care of environmental and social aspects based on a solid corporate governance. We have supported our customers to grow, while developing the region and improving people’s quality of life. We will continue to do so, while addressing the new challenges that arises from the digital revolution.

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