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Business continuity, loss reduction and business application performance improvement

Increase customer satisfaction by reviewing their application experience.

SONICA is various integrated services, whose objective is to reduce the impact on a customer’s business of improvements to their critical processes, while increasing their financial performance by efficiently and continuously operating their processes.

This solution is ideal for customers who:

  • Have little visibility of the resources that are lost when an application fails.
  • Struggle to cope with growing user demand.
  • Inefficiently use their IT infrastructure.
  • Don’t understand why customers leave during business transactions.

Solution benefits

Reduces the impact

on the customer's business when critical processes fail.

Improves financial performance

by efficiently and continuously operating the processes that are supported by applications.

Increases customer satisfaction

by reviewing their application experience.

Timely detection of

catastrophic failures, such as a disk failure, CPU overuse, RAM failure and other system warnings.

Prevents services from collapsing

by correctly calculating future demand.

Reduces operational costs

by simplifying the process to identify the root cause of problems and avoid over-provisioning IT infrastructure.