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Perimeter Security

SONDA's Perimeter Security solution is strongly aligned with its objective of minimizing business risk, while ensuring maximum operational continuity as the first barrier against network threats. It achieves this by integrating hardware, software and services that specialize in real time protection and detection, and it is seamlessly integrated with the risk management services provided by our regional SOC.

Our services in this area include security solutions to prevent information theft, including firewalls and IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems), through designing and implementing security infrastructure that safeguards information and ensures that servers and applications are logically protected.

We have experience in designing, implementing and installing various technologies developed by a significant ecosystem of world-class partners, covering a wide range of information security features.

Solution benefits

Reduces losses:

by reducing the costs associated with recovering from cyberattacks.

Protects company information:

by minimizing information theft and safeguarding the competitive advantages of the business.

Reduces downtime:

caused by cyberattacks.

Improves network visibility:

by providing greater control over threats.