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Identity Management

Greater control, efficiency, visibility and security for your company's users.

Identity management is a user and network access management service. This solution enables a company to control which users can access its systems, applications, and databases, then edit them.

This service is essential for organizations that face various risks and threats resulting from identity mismanagement within the organization:

  • Lost information
  • Fraud due to users having incorrect access to information
  • Leaked confidential information
  • Disminución de la confianza de los clientes/usuarios
  • Reduced customer/user confidence
  • Fines and litigation for non-compliance with legislation

Solution benefits

Reduces the risk of fraud

associated with user impersonation.

Protects the organization's

critical data and applications.

Minimizes unregulated

access or access outside the policy established by the organization.

Creates security policies

associated with people and their job profiles, resulting in improved risk control.

Provides auditing

and monitoring tools for risk areas, to monitor regulatory processes.