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Solutions and services for safeguarding the integrity, privacy and availability of data, applications, and IT platforms in an highly digitized environment, with increasingly complex and sophisticated threats.

Perimeter Security

SONDA's Perimeter Security solution is strongly aligned with its objective of minimizing business risk, while...

Perimeter Security
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Cyber-crime and IT threats will be increasingly targeted, personalized and localized, using complex criminal structures with greater sophistication, specialty and organization, on a par with the most advanced companies.

There are currently criminal organizations with specific objectives that have the technical and economic resources to recruit expert specialists. They are focused on achieving high financial returns from their actions, coupled with causing a tremendous impact on business and political environments.

Our broad portfolio of cyber-security solutions and services provide an integrated approach and include within their scope sufficient processes, people, and technology to protect IT environments. Furthermore, these procedures verify the new trends in attacks and take appropriate measures against these threats in a proactive manner.

The NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) has recently published a cyber-security framework, which we have adopted as a model for our services, in order to conduct cyber-security diagnoses, and develop a roadmap to achieve a robust and effective strategy that proactively evolves as new threats surface.

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A priority for organizations is to safeguard and protect information. Therefore,...

It is anticipated that nine out of ten companies will suffer cyber-attacks during 2019. SONDA is already prepared to meet...

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