Transfer Pricing System - TP ONE

This system meets the requirements of transfer pricing rules, obligations and fiscal processes for industry with improved speed and optimized timing and results. It is a modern and practical solution, and provides greater economy when calculating price adjustments and completing fiscal processes.

The TP One transfer pricing system was created to provide customers with a powerful tool that is capable of handling all the practical aspects involved in complying with transfer pricing rules for industry. It can also identify the material aspects that interest taxation authorities and taxpayers in relation to audits.

It is an ideal solution for companies of any size or sector within the country. It supports trading relationships with associated and affiliated companies, or those located in countries with more favorable conditions. It eliminates the bureaucracy associated with fiscal processes and ensures improved automation and benefits. Software continuity is guaranteed through updates executed by SONDA development teams.

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Value for your business

Totally integrated into the ERP;


  • Developed in ABAP;
  • Online transactions in real time;
  • Single server and data base;
  • Data navigation by drill down in SAP.



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  • Price adjustments provided by the calculation methods established by legislation can be analyzed;
  • Materials and methods can be monitored on a monthly basis, to avoid price adjustments at the end of the year;
  • Methods can be changed to improve the adjustment for a material;
  • Methods can be simulated, to support wise decision making for the remainder of the year;
  • The price adjustment for a given material can be analyzed, and new values calculated according to projected information regarding sale and purchase prices and quantities;
  • The transfer price cards can be generated in accordance with the Income Tax Declaration for legal entities (Declaração de Imposto de Renda – Pessoa Jurídica – DIPJ, in Portuguese) until 2014;
  • The ECF "X" block can be generated from 2015.