Tax and Accounting Management Solutions

At SONDA we have been pioneers in the development of complementary applications for SAP in Brazil, which include Tax and Accounting Management, Financial and Logistical Control and Foreign Trade solutions.

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PW.SATI (Direct and Indirect Tax Calculation System)

A principal challenge for most organizations is to respond appropriately to the demands of the Treasury. This can be quite complex given the constant changes in legislation, and the current tax peculiarities in various Brazilian States.

At SONDA we have developed a broad and comprehensive solution to calculate direct taxes, with the goal of automating fiscal management for our customers, called PW.SATI.

This application is a market leader and calculates 63.7% of the direct taxes imposed on Brazilian companies, which proves that it is a solid and reliable system that provides improved fiscal management for companies and institutions.

PW.SATI encompasses the common and specific tax obligations of companies and States, covering State taxes (ICMS), Federal taxes (IPI, IRRF and INSS) and Municipal taxes (ISS). It complies with additional obligations, including the generation of magnetic files, and the generation and submission of the documentation required for compliance with the principal obligations.


PW.SATI-SPED is functionality integrated with our application PW.SATI and is composed of modules with specific objectives, which address the requirements imposed by SPED EFD - "Escrituração Fiscal Digital", and SPED ECD - "Escrituração Contábil Digital" and Resolution number 3.884/07 issued by the Ministry of Finance in the State of Minas Gerais.

We present our SPED solution with the following competitive differentiators, following the official presentation rules:

  • We have over 15 years experience in dealing with Brazilian tax issues.
  • We employ the largest team of specialists in the market.
  • Our solution is independent of our customer's ERP.
  • Our technology has been approved by the Ministry of Finance.
  • We have developed a special structure of core services to implement SPED projects, with dedicated teams to ensure compliance with the deadlines established by the fiscal authority.
  • We employ our own team of consultants and specialists.

PW.SVA (File Validation System)

PW.SVA is a solution developed by SONDA to validate the information contained in files to be sent to the Treasury.

The supervisory bodies at States, Municipalities and the Federal Government have adopted automated practices and methods to assess taxpayers. It is increasingly common to find that tax, accounting, labor and financial information is being required in digital format, rather than in reports and printed books. A major challenge for companies trying to comply with these tax information requirements is to ensure that the data supplied is consistent with its transactions.

Our solution enjoys functionalities that cover layout configuration, validation, data matching and totaling that are fully customizable by the user. PW.SVA not only covers the requirements for files officially required by these supervisory bodies, but any type of file that the company wants to submit to a validation process.

PW.IRPJ (Legal Entity Income Tax System)

The system for calculating income tax for legal entities is a solution that we developed to generate a book to calculate actual profit (LALUR), which establishes the rules to calculate the following taxes:

  • IRPJ
  • CSLL
  • Tax Incentives
  • JSCP
  • Rural activity
  • Deferred

The PW.IRPJ solution enables a company tax policy to be developed, based on estimated values simulated in real time using a management demonstration.

PW.NF-e (Electronic Fiscal Note System)

An "Electronic Fiscal Note" appeared with the emergence of a national model for an electronic tax document, to replace the current system of paper tax documents. This document would only exist digitally so be issued and stored electronically, with the aim of documenting for tax purposes a transfer of goods or provision of services that occurred between the parties. The legal validity is guaranteed by the sender's digital signature which is registered before the generating event occurs, and is verified when the electronic document is received by the Secretary to the Treasury.

The PW.NF-e solution was developed by SONDA Procwork and electronically receives information regarding fiscal notes generated by billing systems at companies. It makes pertinent fiscal comments, prioritizes their transmission to the Secretary to the Treasury (SEFAZ) at each State, prepares transmission batches in accordance with the rules defined by law, transmits the batches to the various SEFAZ, checks the transmission result, receives the protocol number provided by SEFAZ or their comments and provides a control panel for the user to monitor these transmissions and returns.

PW.TP (Transfer Price System)

Law 9,430/96 established new criteria to contrast transfer prices for international import and export transactions between related companies or between companies located in countries with favorable taxation regimes (tax havens). It anticipates the methods that will be used for imports and exports of goods, services, rights and interest payments.

At SONDA we developed PW.TP with the objective of providing the private sector with a powerful tool, capable of addressing the practical aspects that arise from complying with transfer pricing rules for industry. PW.TP ensures that the most important aspects for tax authorities and taxpayers during an audit are identified in advance.

PW.CFIS (Taxation Commitment System)

PW.CFIS is a management tool to control taxation commitments. The system monitors the care given to the automatic generation of fiscal obligations per subsidiary, using flexible customization.

Generated obligations are monitored by analysts, leaders and coordinators through various processes such as: an obligations panel, sending automatic e-mails scheduled by a key-user, automatically opening screens selected by the user, and integration with PW.SATI and other systems by importing text files.

This tool helps the analyst to check obligations under his responsibility, it helps the leader to manage the obligations of his team, and it helps the coordinator to manage all fiscal obligations.

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