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Efforts are being made to simplify and speed up the process


Several markets have already embraced digital transformation. Across industries, the challenge is to automate business processes more efficiently. In the end, the question remains, how do we make things simpler and faster?

During periods of accelerated growth and intense resource utilization, an effective backup strategy is crucial.


Providing value to our customers

A successful response to these issues is the adoption of cloud and datacenter solutions and services, which offer not only agility, scalability, and efficiency in terms of operations and management of large volumes of data, but also business profitability, maximizing the performance of information technology resources and ensuring the continuity of business operations.

SONDA is committed to achieving a fast and efficient digital transformation. Cloud & Datacenter solutions are available with the necessary capacity to support your operations and develop the digital experiences your clients expect.

  • Public, private and hybrid Clouds Solutions

    Our cloud computing services provide our clients with access to flexible, secure, reliable, and redundant computing environments. With the assistance of our global data centers, we provide enterprise cloud solutions and services, hybrid or public, to the highest standards.

    IT Infrastructure Automation

    Boost your IT management three times more efficiently.

    What is Infrastructure as Code (IaC)?

    Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is an IT management practice that applies programming to provision and operate an organization's infrastructure environment. Its approach transforms infrastructure management into a more predictable, scalable, and secure process. It allows companies to adapt to changes and recover from problems more effectively.

    SONDA's solution for Automation using Infrastructure as Code

    SONDA has made significant investments to improve the quality and efficiency of its infrastructure management service. The result of these investments is PAICC (Infrastructure Automation Platform as Code), an automation platform based on the following three pillars.

    An integrated platform to meet Technological Infrastructure challenges.

    Our excellent results demonstrate that PAICC is an effective alternative to the traditional model in the following ways:

    • Average process execution time is at least 60% more agile and 30% more assertive.
    • An effective self-remediation process is at least 80% faster.

    Hosting & Housing

    As part of SONDA's Hosting - Housing services, our clients have access to a secure, reliable, redundant, and flexible environment that allows them to host their infrastructure or those provided by SONDA in such a way that their data, their most valuable asset, may be available to support various business processes as well as resources for use in business activities.

    Datacenter Infrastructure

    Current systems require storage solutions and backup of your information, ensuring its availability on time and with all the necessary security.

    Backup (Baas)

    We provide backup and restoration services to ensure our clients' business continuity without the need to purchase, maintain, support, or monitor backup tools. All policies are strictly adhered to in this regard.


    Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

    Our solution allows you to restore services quickly following a critical incident. It is possible to use either the SONDA Business Cloud or a private environment for backup, with recovery times (RTO) and target recovery points (RPO) that match their requirements.

    Managed Backup Services

    We provide outsourcing services for interdepartmental and mission-critical server parks as all the components necessary to operate them, such as disk repair, backup hardware, connectivity to a SAN, and software.

    Perimeter Security

    Reduce the risk to your organization by safeguarding operational continuity as the first line of defense against network threats. Through the design and implementation of an infrastructure that protects and guarantees the protection of servers and applications, we offer security solutions to prevent information theft, including firewalls and IDs (Intrusion Detection Systems).

    Data center security

    Through our SAP Basis Management solution, we provide comprehensive services to ensure the proper operation of your SAP platform. The monitoring and management expertise we offer allows you to maximize the return on your IT investments, ensuring the availability and continuity of your services. Our SITE operation services will also enhance your IT infrastructure's reliability, security, and availability.

    Data center professional services

    As a leading IT consulting and architecture firm, and provide systems integration and proactive IT assessment services.

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