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Simply, intuitively, and securely manage all your workflows.

The FIN700 solution from SONDA allows you to manage all your operations in real-time.

The platform allows you to perform all the processes necessary to run your business, including purchases, sales and billing, collection and collection, payment, bank reconciliation, and inventory control.


Why choose FIN700 ERP?

A flexible and scalable ERP that grows and evolves, designed modularly to cover all areas of the company.

  • Comprehensive and governed
  • Excellent price/quality ratio
  • 100% digital application
  • Easy to implement
  • More security and control

Benefits of FIN700 ERP

  • Have a global vision of the company's operation using information from all areas and departments.
  • Integrate the most efficient industry practices for maximum resource efficiency.
  • Standardize the main business processes throughout the organization.
  • Operate continuously, 7x24. Access your applications at any time and from any place or device.

Modules Available

Accounting and finance

FIN700 provides a global and real-time view of the company's operations by integrating information from all areas or departments into one system. Furthermore, it allows compliance with international financial reporting standards, incorporating local practices. Moreover, it maintains budget control to detect deviations from the budget.

Fixed Asset

Control and value your assets.

The Fixed Asset module lets you keep a detailed record of each good and asset (including administrative goods), associating each item with locations, responsible persons, cost centers, groups, and subgroups. By doing so, the company can gain total control over its assets from an accounting and operational perspective. In addition, this module offers the possibility of managing different valuation scenarios in parallel for each with support and automatic accounting centralization.


Control and manage your supply chain agilely

Managing the entire supply chain at different stages using the FIN700 logistics area is possible. It includes the registration and management of suppliers and products master data, the purchasing requirements of other regions, and the management of Purchase Orders and their workflow. It is about obtaining approval for and receiving products and services. The system allows for visualization of all warehouse movements, allowing for control of the process and efficient stock management.


Boost the sale of your products and services

The FIN700 commercial area allows you to manage all sales processes in a flexible and controlled manner, thereby ensuring agility and efficiency, from the registration and governance of customer master data, products, and price lists to the generation of quotes, sales notes, sales and dispatch, and billing process. This registry facilitates the validation of commercial aspects (prices and discounts), financial aspects (line of credit, debt, and default), and logistical aspects associated with stock availability, thus ensuring comprehensive and agile management of the process.


Calculate the remuneration of your collaborators promptly.

The FIN700 remuneration module allows the management of people through the detailed file by collaborator and the organizational structure, the calculation and accounting of remunerations through the formulation engine for concepts of salaries and discounts, registration and control of absenteeism (leaves medical benefits, vacations and permits), registration of withholdings and loans, and the registration of variable salaries (overtime, bonuses, etc.), thereby facilitating the execution of advance payment, liquidation, re-liquidation and settlement processes, among others.

Human Resources

Comprehensively manage human capital.

FIN700's human resources modules allow you to manage the life cycle of collaborators from the recruitment and selection process to attracting talent, development, and management of collaborators through training and performance modules, as well as to engage and retain through its e-personal self-consultation portal and its well-being module.

Transversal Solutions

Boost ERP use

The ReportNet module can generate information lists, APIs, and Web services for integration with own or third-party satellite systems.

Vertical Solutions

Describe your business' specific processes.

We provide project and construction management, real estate project sales management, factoring, leasing, agribusiness, vineyards, manufacturing, and health care.

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