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Our presence in the Americas extends to 12 countries

Our company offers world-renowned software solutions and brands to companies in different industries. As a provider of innovative IT solutions, we assist our customers with digital transformation, operations optimization, and multichannel marketing initiatives.

The SONDA platform enables your business to grow.

  • We determine the real needs in each of the company's different areas.
  • Depending on your needs, we propose solutions from our portfolio of leading brands.
  • Our mission is to make the brands available and to accompany you on the path to success.


A team of IT experts for your industry

We have professionals with expertise in each of the business sectors. We provide our clients with access to specialists who are familiar with their needs and speak a specific language. As a result, we can develop and integrate customized solutions, thus solving the challenges of efficient management of all types of businesses.

FIN 700

Agile and dynamic ERP software allows you to manage your business efficiently, intuitively, and securely. Furthermore, it enables you to manage all your operations and business in real-time.


Our platform makes it easy to support companies in any geographical area and meet regulatory requirements. A cloud-based ERP system that offers technical support and comprehensive implementation services


Our company is a leader in building design, construction, and management using 2D and 3D design and BIM (Building Information Modeling), an intelligent 3D modeling technique. We provide solutions to the manufacturing, infrastructure, construction, media, and entertainment industries.

Tax solution

The solution we provide adds directly to the operation and management of companies' fiscal and tax departments. It handles federal, state, and local tax obligations. As a result, companies can manage all the procedures and activities necessary to ensure success.

International trade

We offer products and services that cover all aspects of importation and exportation, operations management, currency exchange, and unique customs regimes.

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