Security Operation Center - SOC

Technological infrastructure is constantly exposed to risks that threaten the business of companies and organizations.

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  • We support designated users using our Service Desk of as point of contact for logging, registering and tracking incidents related to communications infrastructure.
  • We provide access to a web portal for logging tickets, event follow-up and reporting.
  • We manage incidents, adopt measures to contain the risk, and document any security event within the data network of our customer.
  • We manage changes previously authorized and validated by our customer.
  • We remotely manage changes in the CMABC security infrastructure, and participate in their approval and rejection processes, ensuring that any negative impact is minimized.
  • We manage configurations and back-up devices on a monthly basis, and on a preventive basis before making any changes.
  • We monitor the network and all its associated equipment.
  • We manage our customer's own security infrastructure, whether provided by SONDA or by our customer.