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If your project or solution uses Microsoft technology, we are your best partner to maximize the benefits from these tools, which have been developed by the leading company in solutions to increase the productivity of your organization.

Microsoft is a leading global supplier of software and IT devices and services, and SONDA has negotiated a regional partnership with them to jointly develop technological solutions in Latin America.

At SONDA we have acquired extensive credentials, certified qualifications and technical knowledge, while successfully implementing hundreds of projects across the region based on Microsoft technology, including the first large corporate project using the Azure public cloud.

SONDA has a regional partnership with Microsoft that covers virtually the entire portfolio of solutions and tools developed by this manufacturer, with a special focus on integrated cloud solutions, such as Azure and Office 365.

Certified Compliance with International Standards

  • Gold Cloud Platform
  • Gold Cloud Productivity
  • Gold Datacenter
  • Gold Application Development
  • Gold Windows and Devices
  • Silver Cloud Platform
  • Silver Cloud Productivity
  • Silver Datacenter
  • Silver Application Development
  • Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions
  • Silver Windows and Devices

Why use SONDA to manage projects and solutions that use Microsoft technology?

  • Supplier with extensive credentials, certified qualifications and knowledge that enables you to benefit from all the potential offered by MS technology to add value to your business
  • Pioneer for corporate projects using Azure across the region
  • Datacenter network that includes two Tier III data centers and one Tier IV datacenter (for 2019)
  • Management of the commercial relationship with MS using technological platforms.
  • Comprehensive support and maintenance services
  • One stop shopping
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