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Hyper-convergence that transforms your ideas into value and makes visible progress toward Digital Transformation using SONDA, an HPE Platinum Partner in ten countries across the region. Our value solutions using HPE technology help our customers to convert their IT projects into Digital Transformation drivers.

Hewlett Packard Enteprise is a leading global supplier of servers, storage and software solutions. At SONDA we have been successfully implementing solutions and developing ambitious projects using HPE technology for decades.

Currently, we integrate solutions that include:

  • HPE servers based on industry standards: designed for efficiency, understanding and control. HPE servers are powered by Intel Xeon processors and provide industry-leading
    virtualization infrastructure. HPE servers achieve both the highest return on investment and the lowest cost per virtual machine.
  • Convergent Storage: our commitment to using modern innovations in the field of storage aims to simplify deployment and integration, introduce new efficiencies, and secure superior
    infrastructure agility. The HPE Convergent Storage solution is powered by Intel Xeon processors and contains an architecture and a portfolio of products built on modular hardware, using
    horizontally escalated federated software and integrated management.
  • Flex Networks: innovations that satisfy the rigorous demands of performance, scalability, availability and agility required by virtualized environments.
  • Mission critical solutions: we can provide Mission Critical Support services for HPE infrastructures and HP-UX virtualization solutions powered by Intel Itanium processors.
  • These will support compliance with increasingly extensive service level agreements for mission critical applications, while optimizing resource use and simplifying data centers using
    common management.

Certified Compliance with International Standards

We are an HPE Platinum Partner, Storage and Communications in the following countries:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Ecuador
  • Mexico
  • Panama
  • Perú
  • Uruguay

Why use SONDA to manage projects and solutions that use HPE technology?

  • Supplier with extensive credentials, certified qualifications and knowledge that enables you to benefit from all the potential offered by HPE technology to add value to your business
  • Datacenter network, which includes two Tier III datacenters and one Tier IV datacenter (for 2019)
  • Management of the commercial relationship with HPE (one stop shopping)
  • Comprehensive support and maintenance services using an HPE platform (management, including invoking guarantees).
  • Experience in large HPE storage projects across the region.
  • An integrated (end-to-end) supplier of technology using HPE solutions, including hybrid cloud deployments, storage, backups and datacenter renewals.
  • Our engineers are qualified in HPE technology and have helped our customers to create successful projects that were implemented on time and to design. Many successful examples  provide evidence of this experience.
  • We can implement projects that support traditional business support systems in critical environments.
  • Mission critical support services that secure operational continuity and optimize the return on investment.