SONDA signs a power supply contract of energy 100% renewable with Colbun

SONDA signs a power supply contract of energy 100% renewable with Colbun

SONDA, the main Latin American company of IT services and solutions, signed this week a 100% renewable power supply agreement with the power generating company Colbún for the electricity supply of SONDA´s operations located in the Corporate and Services building and the Tier III Data Center, all located in Santiago region. It also includes the new Tier IV data center currently under construction in Chile and which is projected to be ready to operate by the end of 2019.

The contract, that includes an energy consumption close to 25 GWh/year, will be covered from hydraulic, solar and wind energy sources, including existing plants and future projects. The contract is valid from October 1 of 2018 until 2024.

Raúl Véjar, CEO of SONDA, highlighted that this contract “is a new milestone in our commitment to the sustainability of our operations.” The executive added that “although digital technologies are a contribution to the protection of the environment, as they help reduce environmental pollution, we are aware that data centers, which consume a lot of energy, require energy sources as much efficient, safe, competitive and clean as possible, to deliver a service of excellence and high availability, aligned with the new environmental standards demanded by modern societies.”

On the other hand, Thomas Keller, CEO of Colbún, highlighted the expansion strategy that Colbún has followed in the free customer market, a segment that has shown attractive growth rates and in which the agreement with SONDA represents a new step. “This contract reflects how today leading companies in their respective markets have the option of choosing a safe and renewable supply for their operations. In addition, it crystallizes Colbún’s vision of providing a safe, competitive and sustainable energy to the productive development of the country,” he pointed out.

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