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SONDA Uruguay and Microsoft have joined forces in a program to stimulate digital transformation in that country.

SONDA Uruguay and Microsoft have joined forces in a program to stimulate digital transformation in that country.

SONDA and Microsoft have a regional alliance in Latin America, and a joint proposal was developed by both brands to promote the development of digital transformation for the principal organizations in Uruguay.

The BDM Consultant Mr. Diego Rodriguez summarized this concept as “SONDA’s ability to understand its customers’ businesses and together with Microsoft provide them with the tools and innovative solutions required to reach their maximum potential.”

This new partnership implies introducing first world advantages and technological solutions to the Uruguayan market. This agreement was launched in Microsoft Uruguay’s offices with the participation of senior executives from both companies, when the “Digital Transformation Highway” was described that charts the route used by major Latin American companies to improve and optimize their business processes.

Mr. Martin Perez, Territory Channel Manager, added that “There is a tremendous team behind this partnership, who will work together to provide the best solutions for our customers.”

The event addressed the principal challenges facing the industry from an innovation and efficiency perspective, touching on subjects such as infrastructure as a service (IaaS) as the basis for building or staging business applications, self-administered platforms as a service (PaaS), Artificial Intelligence services, Machine Learning, containers, and other services. All these services have been adapted to meet the budgetary constraints of Uruguayan organizations, while genuinely impacting the customer’s business.

Mr. Michael Brilovich, Partner Developer Manager, said that “We have the potential to create more regional solutions for our customers’ businesses” and stressed that “The partnership between Microsoft and SONDA used to react to various business opportunities, whereas it has now has proactive guidelines for working together.”

This regional partnership covers the entire portfolio of Microsoft services and solutions in the cloud and integrates SONDA’s services. Successful cases have already been achieved, which include the most successful regional implementation of SAP on Azure, and exceeding 500,000 Office 365 users across the entire continent

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