SONDA has inaugurated the first Tier IV in Chile and Latin America

SONDA has inaugurated the first Tier IV in Chile and Latin America

The Uptime Institute has officially awarded TIER IV certification for the design of the new data center built by SONDA in Quilicura. It will become operational by the end of the year and will be the first of its kind to be awarded the same standard of excellence for its construction and operation.

This qualification guarantees continual availability and efficient management for the huge volumes of information and data that are currently being generated by the most strategic businesses within the competitive world economy.

SONDA’s new Tier IV Data Center has a flexible design and by the final stage it will contain 4,000 m2, 4 phases, 16 rooms and 12 MW.

Mr. Juan Ernesto Landaeta is the Corporate Data Center and Cloud Services Manager at SONDA and he said “This is a step forward for the country and Latin America, which will decisively stimulate digital transformation within the economy, by providing high availability and mission critical data center and cloud services. We have also positioned Chile as a technological leader in the region, by securing greater confidence for foreign investors, attracting multinational companies and consequently creating an attractive technology hub.”

Only 47 companies around the world have been awarded Tier IV certificates for the design and construction of their data centers, and just 12 have been awarded certificates for their operation, which implies “zero failure tolerance”.

SONDA’s Tier IV data center will also ensure sufficient security for mission-critical status, and will provide seamless support for future local data protection regulations.