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SONDA, the best partner to solve your business challenges using Cisco technology

SONDA, the best partner to solve your business challenges using Cisco technology

Our businesses in Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Panama renewed their Gold Cisco Certification, which strengthens the partnership between our two companies, with the objective of delivering better services and solutions to our customers

ISCO audited SONDA on Wednesday April 24, which was performed from Europe using its advanced collaboration solutions. It confirmed that our company complied with the requirements to renew its Gold certification for the CANSAC region (Central America, Northern South America and the Caribbean).

On May 2, CISCO announced that SONDA complies with the requirements to renew the Cisco Gold Certification, which covers sufficient qualified staff, adequate support, specialization and hybrid IT platforms. It also confirmed that SONDA is qualified to sell, install and support Cisco solutions in the CANSAC region.

This certification enables SONDA to help its customers to resolve their business challenges and efficiently address their business transformation processes.

Mr. Ruben Castrillón, Platform Manager at SONDA in Colombia, emphasized that renewing this certification enables SONDA to “Continue strengthening its partnership with Cisco, and validates the commitment of our experts and the technological capability of our company. These qualities will enable us to continue expanding our solutions and services that incorporate Cisco technology across the entire region.”

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