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SONDA and IANSA are the protagonists of a technological milestone for Latin American companies

SONDA and IANSA are the protagonists of a technological milestone for Latin American companies

IANSA is the first company in the region to migrate its SAP HANA services to the Azure cloud with support from SONDA.

Digital Transformation is a great opportunity for businesses, as it meets their challenge to continually evolve and maintain their competitiveness in the market. This is well understood by IANSA, the large Chilean food company that became the first Latin American company to migrate its SAP HANA services to the Microsoft Azure cloud with support from SONDA.

This solution was adopted six months ago by the company and current provides extensive flexibility and scalability based on a cloud services model using infrastructure certified by SAP.

Mr. Oscar Mancisidor, CIO at IANSA, said “This project gives us greater visibility of the SAP platform and supports real-time decision-making, without our involvement in its administration and operation. It also provides the flexibility and scalability we need to meet several business opportunities. This liberates us to focus on our business, whose objective is to feed the world with the finest produce from our land.”

Ms. Evangelina Paez, Project Integration Manager at IANSA, emphasized that this new panorama with greater scalability, speed and flexibility to more efficiently manage the company’s business, opens the door to “focusing on business analysis and support, not only in terms of solutions, but also costs.”

Mr. Raul Sapunar, CEO at SONDA Chile, acknowledged the confidence shown by IANSA Directors. He added that “We are proud that they are taking this momentous leap forward while supported by us, as we have been pioneers in providing enterprise cloud services across the region.”


SONDA provides SAP HANA services on the Azure Cloud platform, using an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) model that includes basic administration services, support and DRP.

This enables the various business units within IANSA to optimize their planning and response times, when troubleshooting, developing projects or responding to requests, among others. All of these aspects are fundamental to keeping pace with a highly dynamic and competitive market.

“This technological disruption is essential to develop a more dynamic and scalable business, in addition to providing us with a secure base from which to grow our efficiency, agility and speed of response when attending both internal and external customers,” said Mr. Mancisidor.

He also stressed the significance of this process from a technological modernization perspective, which organizations all over the world are facing. “We must not forget that companies that delay joining the Digital Transformation process will get left behind, and it will then be very difficult for them to take this evolutionary leap. It will leave them seriously uncompetitive,” he said.

Despite this leap involving contingencies and complications, an excellent result was achieved by the experienced professionals at IANSA combined with continual support from the SONDA team.

Ms. Evangelina Paez emphasized that the service implementation “found a mature team that had just completed a very complex project the previous semester. Accordingly, the lessons learned were still fresh and some progress had already been achieved. This enabled the difficulties that arose to be rapidly resolved and the team to focus on meeting its deadlines and performance commitments.”

During this process, “SONDA staff were always attentive and supportive, responding quickly to any eventuality, and contributing with their technical experience. Their commitment to the project went way beyond complying with the contract,” she added.

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