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A priority for organizations is to safeguard and protect information. Therefore, SONDA opens the doors of its SOC in Colombia to Latin America.

A priority for organizations is to safeguard and protect information. Therefore, SONDA opens the doors of its SOC in  Colombia to Latin America.

It is anticipated that nine out of ten companies will suffer cyber-attacks during 2019. SONDA is already prepared to meet these challenges and will launch its latest modern Security Operations Center (SOC) with the most expansive strategic vision for security risk management next Wednesday, April 10 in theBogotá Customs-free area.

Organizations currently depend on technology to be competitive, and it is no longer a hacker looking for adventure who steals information from companies, but organized gangs that specialize in cyber-attacks. According to the Organization of American States, these gangs contain a group leader, a virus programmer, a money services manager, a spammer, a traffic salesman, a downloader, a money mule manager, a cash flow manager, money mules and system administrators.

Carbanak, also known as FIN7 and Colbalt, is dedicated to committing cybercrimes against financial institutions. It collected around US$1 billion between 2013 and 2016, and its objectives include expanding its attacks to other sectors, according to the Organization of American States.

The security of data, applications and computing infrastructure is a key aspect of SONDA’s support for companies and organizations in the region. As a result of these threats, this enormous challenge is now being addressed in a comprehensive manner and reinforced now by launching an SOC that safeguards all aspects of an organization’s activities, by intensively using information technologies, and covering the entire region.

This operations center will contain computer infrastructure and be operated by experts with certified professional capabilities and sufficient experience to ensure that corporate and personal information is properly protected from cybercriminals, in order to support customers throughout their digital transformation and modernization processes.

SONDA Colombia will unveil this operations center next Wednesday, April 10, at ZF TOWERS, in the Bogotá Customs- free area. This event will be attended by two special guests, Mr. Ricardo Rodriguez, CEO of SONDA Colombia, and Mr. Christian Onetto, Vice President of Transformation Services at SONDA.

The agenda for this event will focus on demonstrating how we help our customers to avoid their data becoming an easy target for cyber-criminals, and how we transform their personal and corporate data into information that is impenetrable and invisible to criminals. SONDA’s services address the entire life-cycle of dealing with cyber-threats by identifying, protecting, detecting, responding to, and recovering data and information, to maintain its integrity, inviolability and make it continually available to its owners and authorized users.


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