New “Electro-corridor” on Grecia Avenue was launched, using SONDA’s Smart City Transport solutions

New “Electro-corridor” on Grecia Avenue was launched, using SONDA’s Smart City Transport solutions

The first of 40 new high standard bus-stops began operating that will be built on this important Santiago artery using technological contributions from SONDA. They will be equipped with self-sustaining validators, LED lighting and information screens, with other solutions designed to optimize public transport safety and efficiency.

The first new smart bus-stop was launched in Grecia Avenue, Santiago, Chile. Forty will be located along this public transport “electro-corridor”, using technological contributions from various leading companies in Latin America, which includes SONDA with its Smart City Transport portfolio.

This modern infrastructure will be complemented by the arrival of the first electric buses under “Transport for the Third Millennium”. It is located at the intersection of Consistorial and Grecia Avenues in Peñalolén. It has self-sustaining validators, digital panels and an on-line information system for passengers that indicates the estimated location and time of arrival of buses, thereby simplifying journey planning. It is also equipped with turnstiles, perimeter fences, parking for bicycles and free WiFi coverage.

Its design enables users to first validate their payment card (Bip! card) using validators, and then enter the platform to board the bus. This not only reduces evasion, but also speeds up passenger flow and reduces the time that traffic is stationary.

“This is the standard that we desire for public transport, where people can see on digital screens how long they need to wait for their bus, where they feel safe due to good lighting, are interconnected with various modes of transport such as bicycles, and ultimately pay for their journey. This smart bus-stop will be the first of 40 installed by March in the Grecia Avenue electro-corridor,” said the Assistant Secretary for Transport, Mr. José Luis Dominguez.

The Metropolitan Public Transport Director, Mr. Fernando Saka, mentioned that “these smart bus-stops have a perimeter fence and LED lighting, which will help passengers to feel safer. They will also have screens that provide online information regarding transport in general. These innovations are designed for users, who deserve better quality daily journeys.”

Meanwhile, the Services Division Corporate Manager at SONDA, Mr. José Orlandini, praised interdisciplinary teamwork with the Ministry of Transport, the transport operator METBUS, the electrical distribution company ENEL and other professionals and private companies, “in achieving these significant improvements to public transport in Santiago.”

“This required implementing technology to enable these top quality bus-stops to serve the community, whose efficiency has already been proven in systems implemented in other Chilean cities and various countries in Latin America,” emphasized Mr. Orlandini.

The Executive added that “We are proud to demonstrate how these new technologies can contribute to providing a better service, not only for bus users, but also for everyone involved in the city’s public transport system. We can not only improve fare collection and reduce evasion, but also optimize passenger flow and journey planning, for example, by providing information screens that locate the bus and estimate its arrival time. These benefits result in various advantages that ultimately improve the quality of life for users, and progress towards the dream of living in a smart city at the service of its citizens.”

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