Metro Valparaíso has widely implemented the NSC as means of payment across its entire transport network, using SONDA Technology

Metro Valparaíso has widely implemented the NSC as means of payment across its entire  transport network, using SONDA Technology

The company launched the new registration and payment system using the ABT system, which allows the National Student Card (NSC) to be used as a valid means of payment throughout the regional transport network.

The new registration and payment system using National Student Cards (NSC) was successfully implemented by Metro Valparaiso across its entire network, with the support of SONDA technology.

The system is used by major capitals worldwide, and allows NSC holders to use all the transport systems managed by the company at discounted rates.

The efficiency of this process was verified in the field by principal regional authorities, who came to Station Puerto to check not only that the card functions correctly, but also that it can be activated and receive funds.

The project uses ABT(Account Based Ticketing), which is a solution from SONDA’s Smart City Transport portfolio, and began operating during the second half of 2018 as a pilot program. One hundred students from various establishments in the region were involved in the first stage, and they tested the efficiency of the system.

Subsequently, widespread implementation began in January 2019. In fact, over 5,600 NSCs were registered during the first ten days, followed by over 15,000 journeys.

The NSC had previously only been accepted in Santiago’s transport system, but can now be used without restrictions as a valid means of payment throughout the transport network run by Metro Valparaíso, which includes regional transport services, buses, trolley-buses and funicular lifts.

Students can activate their card by going to any Metro Valparaíso ticket office, transferring funds to it, and it is immediately operational. The process takes only a few seconds, while the system verifies the card with a database held by the National Council for School Assistance (JUNAEB in Spanish).

The President of Metro Valparaíso, Mr. Francisco Bartolucci, mentioned that this project contributes to the objective of simplifying regional transport and expanding access for users. He said “Today we welcome students in the region and all of Chile to try this new approach to travelling using a single card, the NSC, which allows them to travel on Metro Valparaíso and all its integrated modes of transport.”

Metro Valparaíso pioneered the use of ABT technology in Chile. This was crucial to overcoming incompatibility between the NSC and its own fare collection system, which has greater security and integrates various modes of transport across the city.

The company now has one of the most extensive and efficient transport networks in Chile and Latin America. Two years ago it migrated from a basic card using Mifare Classic technology to an advanced card using Mifare Plus. The latter provides SL3 security and charges for the distance travelled, rather than charging a flat fee, as in the Santiago transport system.

The Services Division Corporate Manager at SONDA, Mr. José Orlandini, said, “We are proud to contribute to the technological development of the payment systems for Metro Valparaíso, which are now among the most advanced, safe and versatile in all Latin America.

“The Executive added that “We hope to continue contributing to this important technological modernization, not only in Valparaiso, but throughout the country, by applying the broad portfolio of services and solutions that we have already implemented in other big cities in Latin America. This portfolio and the decisive contribution of our experienced team enables us to ensure that SONDA’s capabilities and experience in payment systems for public transport are the best in the region, with the huge additional advantage that we understand the characteristics and challenges faced by their networks and users.”

The Mayor of Valparaiso, Mr. Jorge Martínez, mentioned “the tremendous contribution of this important technological innovation, which dramatically streamlines travel for 140,000 students in the region, between Valparaiso, Viña del Mar and Quilpue.”

The Regional Education Minister, Ms. Patricia Colarte, agreed with the Mayor, praising the ease and speed of a process that “uses a single card to provide school and university students with tremendously important benefits.”

The Regional Transport Minister, Mr. Gerard Oliger, said: “All the technological developments introduced by Metro Valparaíso make a significant contribution to the country. Therefore, we appreciate that users can still use other means of payment, such as bank cards, QR codes and benefit cards. This is very important as it improves connection opportunities for people and provides good service quality.”

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