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The partnership between SONDA and Cisco Talos provides the highest cybersecurity standards in the region

The partnership between SONDA and Cisco Talos provides the highest cybersecurity standards in the region

This partnership enables regional customers to optimize protection for their digital assets and strategic data, improve their threat detection processes and significantly accelerate response times.

Cybersecurity is an essential focus within any Digital Transformation process. Not only due to the huge number of commercial and financial transactions constantly performed using mobile platforms or cloud services, but also due to powerful cybercriminal organizations try to sabotage, damage or steal valuable corporate digital assets every day.

This is not only a technological risk but also a business risk, because threats to information assets can have devastating effects on an organization’s public image, its financial results or the confidence of its customers and the market, regardless of whether it is a private company, government entity or small enterprise.

Therefore, SONDA has established a partnership with Cisco Talos Security Intelligence and Research Group (Talos), in order to safeguard its customer’s critical processes and security. Talos is a cyber intelligence organization that forms the cornerstone of Cisco’s security portfolio.

This elite group of security experts is dedicated to delivering first class threat protection by detecting, analyzing, and protecting not only established threats, but also those recently detected or still emerging.
SONDA and Talos professionals use worldwide telemetry to monitor all kinds of data traffic, including e-mail, mobile and web applications and other traffic. They also study millions of systems affected by malware and other cyber threats on a daily basis.

Mr. Francisco Benavides, Regional Business Development and Partnerships Manager, mentioned that this partnership “Gives us access to the intellectual capital captured from an analysis of over 20 billion threats per day, and access to a survey of 1.5 million malwares per day. This analysis is complimented by Telemetry to detect new vulnerabilities in real time, and we can add value for our customers by creating predictive models, avoiding risks and immediately capturing the impact of potential attacks.

Mr. Alberto Torrejón, SONDA’s Cybersecurity Solutions Architect, explains that “This partnership enables our cybersecurity units throughout the region to exchange strategic information with Talos regarding threats detected while providing our services, and provide intrusion data and characteristics identified by our IT risk management systems.”

“At the same time, we have access to information emanating from Talos, based on their analyses, recommendations and specialized tools. This enables us to apply new security rules to technological platforms, amend risk management processes associated with our customers’ businesses, and improve the knowledge and skills of professionals involved in providing our services,” emphasized the cybersecurity specialist.

This direct access to the knowledge held by a leading worldwide cyber intelligence unit will strengthen SONDA’s value-added services throughout Latin America, whose most visible and universal component is the regional SOC (Security Operation Center), recently inaugurated in Colombia. “Accordingly, we can accelerate and intensify our incident management, analysis and response services, which will directly benefit our customers, and support their entire LATAM business, regardless of their geographical location,” said Mr. Alberto Torrejón.

This two-way relationship will enable the information flowing between SONDA and Cisco Talos regarding anomalies detected during the operation, monitoring and management of cybersecurity services to improve the visibility of known or emerging threats, and produce first-rate intelligence to optimize threat identification, detection and protection.

Incident response speed will also be accelerated. Talos is working 24 hours each day to discover, evaluate and proactively respond to the latest intrusions, malwares and other vulnerabilities. Therefore, SONDA’s cyber intelligence services will have timely information, new rules, firms, file analysis and advanced security tools to better protect corporate IT assets.

This assures customers that cybersecurity risk management and response services will be supported by expert and timely knowledge from a highly specialized partner, which implies fast and effective measures to benefit the stability and reliability of their business

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