The productive sector has traditionally been a pioneer in the field of modernization and process automation. Competitiveness based on economies of scale, the low cost of labor in some nations and government subsidies are circumstances that compel organizations to pursue the most efficient and innovative IT solutions, in order to secure a competitive advantage, thereby strengthening their participation in their respective industries and markets.

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The high growth expectations in Latin America require companies to be well prepared, and to install technologies aligned with their business strategy within the industries famous for their growth and modernization. These consist of the construction, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries, in addition to the traditional productive sectors within our region, such as agro-industry and mining. These too must be aligned with the demanding requirements of their international customers.

At SONDA we have a wide range of solutions and applications to tackle the major requirements arising from the industrial sector, such as an efficient management of their production processes together with their automation and modernization, growth in demand, reduction in time-to-market, improved inventory and consumables management, improved business continuity, etc. Furthermore, We know how markets operate in the region, and understand their specific requirements.

We have a supply of applications which are specially designed for key industrial markets. Our offer includes the construction market, with solutions developed on the basis of SAP All in One for construction, manufacturing, agribusiness, and the chemical-pharmaceutical industry - which have all been certified by SAP - and modules of our own ERP FIN700 designed for the construction, agribusiness and wine markets.

Since 1974 we have been helping various production companies to become more efficient and productive. Our support covers the tasks of administration, finance and back-office, through to the selection, design, supply and implementation of support and maintenance services for applications that support production processes.