Managed Device Services

The major IT challenges facing companies today include achieving higher availability, improving utilization and avoiding IT asset obsolescence.

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Several studies have shown that the most efficient way to deal with this challenge is through outsourcing infrastructure services. This transfers the responsibility for various aspects of IT infrastructure, whilst ensuring that service levels meet customer's requirements, users are satisfied, IT costs are reduced and working capital is liberated. This service should guarantee constant access to the latest technology from the best brands in the market, so avoiding technological obsolescence, and theft or damage, among other benefits. The service should ensure that the management, support and maintenance of the company's technological platform is more efficient.

Our Managed Device Services (MDS) cover all essential IT infrastructure needs. Our outsourcing solutions start from desktop computing for small businesses covering hundreds of users, through to the integrated outsourcing of desktop computing infrastructure, networking and communications, printing, storage, servers, etc. and the associated support, maintenance, and administration services, for large companies and global corporations with thousands of users spread across several countries.

Our MDS portfolio can also incorporate technologies from various operational areas, such as mobile equipment for a sales force, data capturing systems to manage distribution centers and inventory, and specialized peripheral equipment for customer services, etc.

Underpinning our services are agreements with the major technology manufacturers and staff with the required qualifications, so that all the equipment operated under this managed device service model performs in accordance with agreed SLA's.


We have been providing outsourced IT infrastructure and services since 1974, with hundreds of outsourced infrastructure contracts in various countries across the region, that cover over 40,000 devices from a broad spectrum of market sectors.

Our most prominent customers include the "Corporación Administrativa del Poder Judicial" (Judiciary Administrative Corporation), CMPC Group, Nestlé, Difarma, Masisa, Banca Internacional, Agunsa, IANSA, Metso Minerals, Arcos Dorados, Cía. Minera El Tesoro, Fusat, etc.