Life Annuities

People are constantly looking for alternatives that might improve their income when they retire. One possibility is a life annuity, and in Chile these are handled by insurance companies.

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At SONDA we provide an IT solution that integrates the marketing and management of life annuity insurance and private income. The life annuity app consists of various modules interconnected through screens with descriptive and friendly menus that make navigation easy for the user, all of which match the logic of the business. It provides reports that support management and decision-making, and is kept up to date with all current regulations.

Our solution consists of the following modules:

  • Sales Manager: To register and close business deals.
  • Policy Manager: To manage and pay annuities.
  • Loan Manager: To simulate and manage loans for pensioners.
  • Reserves: To calculate reserves and issue reports.
  • Validator: To generate and validate the Risk file, for the Official Regulator.