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Field Services

A major challenge facing organizations is the recruitment of trained personnel and providing them with the tools to resolve incidents in a timely and efficient manner, which affect operational continuity for IT users and critical equipment such as servers or communication equipment.

Keeping distributed and centralized IT platforms constantly available is very expensive and risky. This challenge distracts companies from more strategic IT projects aligned with their business needs.

SONDA Field Services deliver specialized technical assistance to resolve incidents in the field that affect the technological infrastructure for IT users (PC, notebook, printer, software productivity, operating system, etc.). Our Service undertakes preventive maintenance and repairs central devices, with the aim of ensuring operational continuity for users and central platforms, based on agreed indicators.

  • We provide a multi-platform and multi-brand service.
  • Our service is delivered at the user’s workstation or at our customer’s facilities.
  • We repair equipment in laboratories, whilst administrating valid guarantees.
  • We provide corrective support, focusing on operational continuity and agreed service levels.
  • We undertake preventive maintenance on all the equipment covered by the service.
  • We temporarily replace equipment, in order to meet agreed service levels.
  • We perform operational tests (with the user’s agreement) to ensure that the problem has been resolved.
  • We provide the necessary spare parts, and implement any preventive measures recommended by respective manufacturers.
  • We provide feedback to users regarding the origin of their problem and recommend measures to prevent it from recurring.
  • We undertake an initial inventory of the equipment covered by the service.
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