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Does your business currently require you to be in several places at the same time, and these places are geographically wide-spread? Is staff training necessary for an update, a new product or service and you need to bring staff together in one place? Do you believe that verbal communication is not sufficient to adequately transmit a message to another person?

At SONDA we have found that visual communication has far more impact on people and makes messages much clearer to understand than the traditional verbal method of long-distance communication. Visual communication allows you to take decisions in real time, to increase working productivity and to improve the customer experience.

At SONDA we provide the following video solutions: Webex, video conferencing, tele-presence and unified communications.

The Cisco video conferencing solution includes an HD image of 1080p, with high-quality natural audio, that will allow presentations to be shared easily using various video-conferencing solutions, and centralized administration. In addition, video can be displayed by various means, such as desktop, voice equipment, personal telepresence equipment for home or office, multipurpose equipment for tactical meetings, and virtual reality equipment for strategic meetings.

At SONDA we have developed alliances and employ teams of professionals qualified in the major Cisco video and teleconferencing technologies, to implement solutions that are aligned with your company’s requirements.