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Video Conference Solutions

The world is becoming increasingly complex and dynamic, which makes collaboration a strategic priority for organizations. How do we get everyone together? How do we gather the resources to be in more than one place at a time? How do we maintain face-to-face relationships with a growing network of colleagues, customers, agencies, partners and consultants? These are key questions for collaborative work at companies as they grow and expand.

At SONDA we offer integrated conferencing solutions for voice, video and web that efficiently respond to these questions, and allow companies to adapt and grow as their business evolves.

We offer solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each customer, from traditional audio conferences to tele-presence conferences. With these solutions we can:

  • Share applications, presentations and documents.
  • Interact with anyone, anywhere, at any time.
  • Share a desktop PC or Laptop in real time.
  • Work with teams from around the world, simply using an internet connection.
  • Maximize resources by bringing people together and saving time and money.

In addition, our teams, experts and professionals are qualified by manufacturers to implement leading video and conference technologies. We provide services ranging from consultancy to define the best solution for your business, through to implementing and managing video conferencing solutions.

Currently some of the most important companies in the region are SONDA video and conferencing solution customers, and include: Walmart, Soriana, Megacable, Banco de Mexico, Alestra, Televisa, Bestel, Coopel, ITESM, UAM, SMNYL, and Estafeta.