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Integration for Networks and Communications

Markets have become very sophisticated. Therefore, the depth and complexity of services provided by companies to their customers requires them to invest in technology that supports the critical applications to deliver these services. Companies need to optimize business processes from the point of sale through to final delivery, supported by agile back-office process.

Our management of systems integration projects enables organizations to respond in a timely manner to market demands. It requires identifying our customer’s needs, developing solutions using the best available technologies while controlling costs, and implementing them in a timely manner, in accordance with IT industry best practice. The major tasks in systems integration projects are:

  • Planning
  • Solution Design (from an abstract need to a concrete solution)
  • Liaison with suppliers of hardware, software and individual solutions, selecting these in accordance with your needs
  • Internal development of software and hardware by SONDA
  • Implementation
  • Cost Control

These features meet our customer’s needs, their requirements and the proposed solutions.