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Connectivity equipment for networks.

CPE as a Service de SONDA es un servicio orientado a los operadores de telecomunicaciones. Consiste en la administración de los equipos que permiten la conectividad o transferencia de datos de sus clientes finales. Los beneficios van desde reducir el time to market, manejo y logística de inventarios, reducir riesgos operativos, liberando capital a través de un modelo full OPEX.

La solución está compuesta por seis funcionalidades principales:

  • Support services provided by the operator: joint development of each operator’s service catalog for their final customers.
  • Inventory control service: maintains inventories at levels that meet the demand for services from final customers.
  • Service management: complete service life cycle management from initial deployment through to equipment removal and decommissioning.
  • Service monitoring: cross-sectional service management from SONDA’s NOC.
  • Field services: service configuration, logistics and implementation finishing with service termination and equipment removal, complimented by the support and maintenance staff required for troubleshooting.
  • Level 3 support: support services provided by specialized consultants that have been comprehensively trained in the technologies employed.

Some solution benefits


financial ratios.


capex investment.


up time-to-market.

Final customer



up selling.