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Contingency Site

There are events that threaten business continuity and reduce competitiveness, which can eventually become catastrophic if data has not been properly backed up, or if an alternative contingency site is not available to facilitate operational continuity.

Losing information is a serious event for all markets and businesses. To safeguard the security of users and business continuity, some industries have developed special requirements and standards, and an alternative contingency site is a common requirement.

The SONDA Contingency Site service aims to ensure business continuity for our customers, by re-establishing IT services following a major disruption. We deliver flexible, modular solutions that include Housing-Hosting, Cloud Computing and physical infrastructure (rooms and offices for users), according to the specific needs of each customer.

  • We provide a contingency platform Hosting/Housing service.
  • We provide networking services to connect the contingency platform.
  • We provide simulation services that identify improvements in the availability of IT services.
  • We accommodate the infrastructure (supplied by our customer or by SONDA).
  • We remotely operate the infrastructure for each customer.
  • We monitor and manage the solution.
  • We ensure information is backed-up and recovered.
  • We manage data replication between the primary and the contingency site.
  • We provide information security services.
  • We conduct regular simulated testing of contingency scenarios.

Product benefits

Sitio totalmente equipado

que le permite recuperar sus servicios rápidamente y trasladar sus operaciones a nuestros Data Centers.

Resguardo de datos

al estar alojados en un Datacenter con todas las condiciones de seguridad necesarias.

Minimiza tiempo de downtine

en caso de catástrofe (pudiendo llegar a cero).

Especialistas TI

en cada una de las tecnologías involucradas en la solución.

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