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Migration Service

Securely and efficiently migrate to the Cloud, to safeguard the operational continuity of your business.

Our migration service focuses on advising and supporting our customers while they transform their services and applications to hybrid cloud environments. We take advantage of the best alternatives, services and optimizations available in the cloud today.

This service mainly covers our customer’s requirements and challenges as they migrate their current services to cloud environments, which may require amending them where feasible and/or necessary, or migrating them as they are.

This service comprises three sub-services:

• Integral Migration Assessment.
• Cloud Architecture Assessment
• Cloud Optimization Assessment

Some Solution Benefits

Access to cloud and application experts,

who can provide an integral service that transforms, modernizes and optimizes applications, then migrates them to the cloud.

Cloud architecture and consumption optimization consultancy,

which ensures resilience, security, quality, flexibility and optimization when building solutions and services in cloud environments.

Reduce infrastructure investment

and expenditure without affecting the performance or availability of IT services.