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Managed Office 365

Centralized business collaboration service.

What does this service cover?

SONDA’s Managed Office 365 service provides a productivity and business collaboration service, which eliminates concerns regarding migration, training, administration and employee support, thereby allowing the company’s IT department to focus on improving business productivity.

Customer’s users can transparently enjoy the benefits of Office 365, while SONDA is responsible for migrating, operating, managing, monitoring and supporting those accounts. Customer requests are managed by the customer’s help desk through the SONDA operations desk, which provides professional specialists who can guarantee that the service functions well and is well managed.

If the customer does not already have a help desk, this service can also be procured from SONDA.

The SONDA Managed Office 365 service includes:

Operating and managing Office 365:

  • Managing spam filters.
  • Adding and removing user and group profiles.
  • Email flow analysis.
  • Assigning licenses.
  • Assigning delegated permission.
  • Converting mailboxes.
  • Creating administrator profiles.
  • Creating access rules.
  • Service support.
  • Incident management.
  • Escalation of problems to suppliers.
  • Advanced reports.


Implementing and migrating accounts:

  • Installing servers for Office 365 applications.
  • Creating an Office 365 domain.
  • Creating user profiles.
  • Installing a corporate email service.

Some solution benefits




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point of contact.

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