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Flexible and secure technology to continue growing: World-class flexibility, security and operating processes that address the challenges arising from Digital Transformation.

Managed AWS

Access IT environments with greater security, flexibility and scalability.

Managed AWS
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SONDA’s cloud computing services provide our customers with computing environments that are secure, reliable, flexible and contain redundancy. We provide integrated hybrid and public enterprise cloud solutions and services using datacenters and computing infrastructure certified as complying with the highest standards in the world, such as Tier III and Tier IV.

Our broad portfolio of solutions and services are the ideal choice for organizations facing challenges such as an explosive increase in demand, seasonal business cycles, or optimal resource use, etc. Furthermore, we provide computing infrastructure that is web-based and scalable, so our customers can quickly and efficiently deploy their applications, in accordance with their requirements.

SONDA is currently building its first datacenter for an IT service provider certified to Tier IV design in the region. We have Tier III certified datacenters in Santiago and São Paulo, with Network Operation Centers (NOCs) in Santiago, Mexico City and São Paulo, which underpin the quality, security and availability of services delivered by these datacenters, making them the most reliable and modern in Latin America.