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Automated Payment

Modern cities require electronic collection systems for their public transport services, which cover buses, underground and overground trains. These systems provide major improvements in passenger and driver safety and comfort, and encourages the development of more complex transport systems that integrate services and transport modes. This enables public transport authorities to design the most appropriate tariff structure, and eliminate the need for drivers to handle cash.

SONDA has experience in implementing such systems. The Bip! Card was the feature most appreciated within the Transantiago System for Chile. This Chilean public transport system includes:

  • 12,800 Tariff Validators installed on 6,400 buses.
  • Hubs to automatically download transactions were installed at 68 bus terminals.
  • Communications network to transfer transactions from hubs to equipment where central clearing systems had been installed.
  • Daily processing of 5,000,000 transactions covering both card use and card recharging.
  • 2,700 secure antennas distributed across commercial networks: Transbank, Servipag, Serviestado and CMR, to recharge BIP! Cards
  • 800 TOTEMs installed on commercial networks, to inquire about balances and recharge Bip! Cards. Access to transport can be purchased via the internet or through a financial approver.
  • 125 payment zones, with 450 tariff validators.
  • Customer services provided through a network of Special Customer Service Centers that allow BIP! cards to be customized, and use appropriate support systems to answer queries and possible customer complaints.
  • Transport users can visualize the movements on their Bip! card using a web based app.

Currently the AFT (Transantiago Financial Manager) in Chile, and the ATTT (Land Transit and Transportation Authority) in Panama are SONDA customers, where it manages automated fare collection for them. A system to collect bus fares was implemented in Panama that was inspired by the successful experience of the Bip! card in Santiago, Chile.

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