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Online Medical Authorization

Using fingerprints to identify patients and electronically authorize health care in clinics, hospitals and medical centers has been one of the main technological innovations in the health care industry during the past few years. It aims to provide a better service and make the health care payment process more efficient.

Our tool uses latest technology to enable patients to identify themselves on the health care provider’s premises using only their fingerprint. This provides online validation for the medical insurer that this person is the beneficiary, and provides their response authorizing the medical care sought. Once authorized, the medical insurer responds with information that details the amount covered under the patient’s insurance, whilst the remainder should be paid direct to the health care provider, as appropriate.

Therefore, patients need to previously register their fingerprints in one of several ways. One of the greatest benefits of this solution is verifying patients using their electronic fingerprint, which avoids impersonation, thereby saving costs for health care insurers, who thereby avoid incurring costs due to system abuse.

In addition the health care provider records the sale and medical insurance authorization, so collections can be controlled. The system additionally generates payment requests to the medical insurers for the electronic transactions issued by the system.

This system has operated successfully in Chile as the company I-Med since 2000, with thousands of operating points and a wide choice of payments for the vast majority of health institutions in the country. It is currently being marketed to different countries in the region.

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