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Purchasing Portal

Public institutions require technological solutions, to adequately manage their purchasing processes with their suppliers, due to the growing demands for Public transparency and competitiveness.

At SONDA we have developed Governmental purchasing solutions for various public organizations in Latin America, which began with the successful experience developing a purchasing portal for the Chilean Government (Chilecompra). These respond correctly to the transparency challenge and have been an effective mechanism to save costs, they provide public institutions with access to the best deals on the market and the corresponding savings, and provide suppliers with opportunities to expand their business.

Our Governmental purchasing portal solution uses an e-commerce platform called SIMETRÍA.NET, which was developed by the Consortium SONDA-iConstruye. It operates a high availability service and is independent. It captures the entire purchasing cycle, from supplier registration, publication and reception of bids, to purchase order creation and issue, payment notice and electronic invoice issue. It encompasses a completely digital purchasing cycle, which allows all companies and individuals who would like to do business with the relevant government agency, to register on the portal and thereby become a new supplier.

SIMETRIA.NET is adaptable to the legal and cultural characteristics of any country, federal state or city and may include complementary developments and e-learning applications. Its technological architecture uses Business Intelligence tools such as data mining, data warehousing and online analytical processing cubes (OLAP), and it can be integrated with digital signature systems. Its interface is fully Web configurable, flexible and easy to use.

This system opens up new opportunities, for both State entities and suppliers, due to the interoperability and integration of technologies from any company or country, which has made it possible to operate in other global e-marketplaces, such as SIMAP for the European Union.

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