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ID cards and Passports

Globalization requires countries to find an integrated solution to issue identity cards and passports in a robust and secure manner. This decreases the cost of air travel and promotes international travel, but results in a corresponding increase in requests for passports across the region.

SONDA is a pioneering company that has modernized the identity card and passport system in Chile. We have also streamlined this process and improved services to citizens. We have implemented international security standards and prevented an increase in forgeries.

In 1999 tenders were invited by the Chilean Civil Registration and Identification Service and the project was awarded to SONDA. We integrated technology from various companies – security document experts De La Rue, and biometric technology suppliers NEC – to ensure the highest possible quality for all outsourced processes, and which concluded with a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) for identification.

The SONDA Identity Card and Passport solution required us to take responsibility for the entire technological process behind the identification system. This included producing identity cards and passports, implementing the new biometric identification database, developing an IT system and installing sufficient data capture points. The aim was to successfully complete all the processes relating to the request, manufacture and issue of information and documentation, to prove that the person carrying an identity document is who he claims to be.

In addition, our solution included a central computerized identification system, which contains a biometric identification database where digitized images of each person’s photograph, signature and fingerprints are stored. This centralized system ensures that the identity of any living or dead individual can be immediately and automatically verified from anywhere in the country. It even enables the identity of a person who is not carrying an identity document to be confirmed. Identity card and passport applicants can also collect their documents from a different office than where their application was submitted.

The tremendous impact of this project was felt across a range of public services in Chile, such as in Government, in the police forces and in other services responsible for identifying individuals and for public safety.