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The main objectives of governments and public institutions are focused on improving the efficiency and transparency of public services.

This strengthens democracy by increasing citizen participation, improving control mechanisms and providing citizens with greater access to public information. It also improves the use of public resources by increasing efficiency, improving management and achieving economies of scale. These objectives result in improved quality of life for citizens and improve their perception of public services.

SONDA is an integral supplier of IT solutions and services, and we have made our entire suite of corporate products available to governments and public sector entities in the region. We can develop large automation projects that incorporate many technologies, and address the specific challenges facing public entities. We have compiled a range of applications and solutions with proven success in various countries, supported by a team of professionals ready to implement initiatives of this kind.

We have significant experience in developing solutions and applications for large public sector integration and outsourcing projects, and in implementing, supporting and maintaining them. However, we believe that there are many more opportunities to continue the process of modernizing the public sector in various areas. These include those areas already explored by our experts and consultants, and those areas not yet explored in an effective manner by regional IT suppliers.


Since 1974 our solutions have been essential in driving modernization processes within governments and public institutions across the entire Latin American continent.

Successful public initiatives that we have developed across the continent include: Public procurement systems in Panama and Buenos Aires. Identity cards and passports in Chile. Public transport system in Santiago, Chile, called Transantiago. Email for the IRS in Mexico. Livestock traceability in Uruguay and Colombia. Traffic lights in Santiago and São Paulo. Solutions for the National Health Fund in Chile (FONASA) and Social Security in Chile. A sophisticated system for Saturation Video Surveillance successfully implemented in Montevideo, etc.