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An integral cash management solution that covers the operating and investment areas of a General Fund Manager (AGF).

What does this service involve?

RealAIS AGF helps you integrally manage the operations and investment areas of an AGF and its participants, both the AGF’s own portfolio and third-party portfolios held incustody, all in line with the requirements of regulators. It provides automated communication with trading systems.

  • Different types of contracts (on-premise, customized or standard private cloud).
  • Operating continuity according to strict SLAs.
  • Vast experience in the financial industry.
  • More than 50% of AGFs are using our solution.
  • Financial capacity.
  • Integral supply of IT services and solutions.

Some of the solution’s advantages

It is 100% localized.

Highly parameterizable.

Competitive price.

Reduces operating costs.

Information is centralized.

Natural data integration.

Access to updates.