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Pension Fund Administration

The AFP (Pension Fund Administrators) are Chilean private entities that manage private pension funds through an individual defined-contribution-based pension system that provides for retirement, disability and dependents pensions. The system was implemented in Chile in 1980, and its excellent results meant that it was quickly adopted in various other countries in Latin America, Europe and Africa.

The tremendous flow of information involved requires the use of specialized tools that enable all the various funds and investments to be properly managed.

At SONDA we offer two complementary IT solutions to meet his objective. These are AFP.NET, which manages customers and pension products, and RealAIS, a Core Investment system that manages investments in various funds at these institutions using its financial products, which are Fixed Income, Forward, Swap, Options, Future and Spot.

These SONDA solutions for AFP’s bring together the knowledge and experience we have accumulated from the very beginning of the AFP system in Chile, to which has been added a large number of similar projects developed and implemented in Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala and Peru, and other countries across the region.

These SONDA solutions for AFP’s are used by 4 out of 6 such institutions currently in Chile and 7 abroad.

These SONDA solutions for AFP’s are designed to adapt to different legal and regulatory standards, and have been developed on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), using XML integration standards in multiple layers. This has created a flexible, scalable and integrated software platform.