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Cash Flow system – CF

Streamline all your business processes involving financial activities, such as cash flow and managing administrative routines using an ideal solution designed exactly the way you would like it, and fully integrated with SAP. Control and manage all the cash flow routines using a complete and robust solution. SONDA's CF solution has been developed using all SONDA's experience in ideal solutions for your company. SONDA CF runs in real time, which is a unique feature that allows the company to find any specific document in the shortest possible time.

Value for your business

  • It updates balances, independently of accounting calculations;
  • It can produce reports by company or by bank on the same screen;
  • It can freeze bank accounts by itself in order to close the books, as well as unfreezing them;
  • It can automatically issue transfer letters;
  • It provides cash flow information after completing the bank reconciliation.
  • It can map values by Treasury Management group;
  • It provides cash flow forecasts using constant automatic data uploads from the FI (AR/AP), MM, SD, CFM, CO (planning) and pw.EC Change import/ export modules

Rely on our experts

  • Optimize processes;
  • Optimize menus;
  • Better performance, mainly for functions with high data use;
  • Greater scenario scope;
  • More dynamic processes;
  • Structured by company;
  • Reallocation of liquid items;
  • Better information display in reports.


  • Structured liquidity items, by accounts or Treasury groups;
  • Structured by company;
  • Reallocation of liquidity items;
  • Electronic bank transfers with a transfer letter or send/return file;
  • Creates treasury alerts;
  • Dynamic alert reconciliation, managed by payment inputs;
  • Calculates forecast and historical data from the SAP modules: MM, SD and FI;
  • Consolidated and comparative cash flow reports.